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The Relief is bringing the gospel to the @thepourhouse next Saturday 12/21 to warm up the stage for our buds in @thevegabonds. Where are our Raleigh peeps at!? ... See MoreSee Less

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Music is the centerpiece of my life, and has been since my earliest memories. It’s the only constant I’ve ever had, and the only passion I’ve ever known. Throughout my journey, there have been pivotal moments that have forged a huge part of my identity as a human being living on this planet Earth. I’ll be 29 in February, and looking back on what has been my life’s soundtrack- it’s been an interesting ride. My musical development started in grade 3 when I was classically trained as a vocalist until grade 7. In 8th grade, I would be sent to a small military boarding school in Fork Union, Va. Grade 9- home for a weekend from boarding school. Mom and Dad have just bought a new CPU that’s stock with iTunes (we’d never had iTunes in our house). There’s only one artist in the library that my older brother @lurrywales has uploaded. The band is Against Me! I play track one T.S.R At first I heard the voice. “The party’s over. A Cd’s skipping. It’s the same hook repeating. Grows more grating with each passing second.....AND THE WALLS CONTAIN A RESONATION..” I cant believe my ears. The racing of the guitars, @laurajanegrace insane vocals. Songs of protest, songs about the human condition. It was complete fucking madness. It’s beautiful chaotic melody. My brain exploded. My soul screamed. It was in that moment that life changed for me forever. I was done. I had made up my mind. Whatever this feeling I’m feeling is- I wanna make music that makes me and everyone else feel like that! It was my first discovery of Rocknroll. From there my musical appetite would become insatiable, and my pallet would span far and wide. I would even correspond with Laura via email from military school asking for advice, I printed out those emails and have them saved to this day. There was nothing that would ever stop me from chasing the dream of playing Rocknroll for a living. Ain’t nothin changed since then. Thank you @againstme for the life changing music. -Benny #tuneandtell ... See MoreSee Less

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#tuneandtell I was lucky enough to be raised around well-rounded musicians. My dad had me on the drum kit as soon as I could pick up sticks, and it's been a part of me ever since. I was able to take some classes with some heavy hitters (Keith Carlock & Antonio Sanchez) and backline tech'd for thousands of professional drummers, some of which include Questlove, Tim Alexander, Carter Beauford, Sheila E & Darren King. For me it's a constant battle between selfishness and relatableness when it comes to performance and writing. Technicality vs. Dance-ability. There's that perfect balance sometimes. Darren King on Mutemath's "Odd Soul" nailed that for me. I still remember listening to it the first time, being on the cusp of losing my shit and/or wanting to start a dance party. What’s your story? -Drewbs ... See MoreSee Less

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#tuneandtell When I was a young boy I was playing with my dads guitar when seven nation army came on the tv. I couldn’t wrap my hands around the guitar and didn’t know a lick ‘a’ music. That song was so clearly and quickly filtered into my ears and through my little hands. I played with both of my thumbs and figured out that iconic bass line by ear. I had no idea what I was doing but it felt right, feeling the song, processing the layers, recreating and coming across happy mistakes. This song instilled the confidence in me that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The first time I felt the full body effects of rock n roll. What’s your story?
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#tuneandtell I can’t really remember a moment when I didn’t want to play music. My early days were spent dancing to Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, performed by my mother on the piano or singing along to Johnny Cash with my grandparents. I did take piano lessons as a child but I abandoned them for the saxophone and then the guitar in my teens. It wasn’t until I heard “The Last Polka” by Ben Folds Five that my interest in the piano returned. My mind was blown - I didn’t know that you were allowed to play like that! I started tinkering on the piano again, “discovered” the Hammond organ and gradually made the switch to playing the keys full-time. I still feel like I’ve only just begun my journey with my playing. I wake up every day excited to see what new musical adventures lie ahead. What’s your story?
- Lebs
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Bennett Wales & The Relief are a 5 piece rock n’ roll band from Virginia Beach, VA. Focusing heavily on making rock n’ roll dangerous again, this energetic quintet introduces the new while carrying the torch of the old. BWTR released their freshman album, “Flood Without Water” in the fall of 2017. The band has shared the stage with a variety of notable acts including: Goo-Goo Dolls, All-American Rejects, Marcus King Band, Tim Reynolds, and Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, among others. From playing the Blind of Back Bay Brewing in their hometown, to festival plays such as Sweetwater420 Festival, Summercamp, and Mountain Music Festival, BWTR has worked to spread their gospel of rock n’ roll across the nation. The band is currently in the midst of planning a tour in support of their new album due to be released this fall.


For Booking Inquiries, please contact:
Jordan Carriere
Madison House, Inc.
Boulder, CO
P: 303.544.9900
Email: jcarriere(at)