Bennett Wales & the Relief featured in the Jamwich’s February 2018 Issue

The Jamwich features Bennett Wales & the Relief in their Feb. 18 Issue

The Jamwich is showcasing the band as their “Featured Musician” in their February 2018 magazine issue. The 70th edition of this magazine is also their “Tattoo Issue” and it spotlights the work of tattoo artist, Matti Brown.

The Jamwich is a fan-focused art/music/culture magazine, with a mission of promoting visual artists and mid-level bands in the jam scene. Each month they feature a “Jamwich Lineup”, a list of upcoming shows compiled to help readers discover new music and new places to hang out. Their team travels to multiple shows and festivals handing out our magazines for free to try to direct music fans to the places they would want to go and shows they would like to see. They have monthly featured visual artists, including: fine artists, live artists, performance artists, and artisans of handmade crafts. They also feature an “up and coming” band monthly, who must have the talent, personality, and  drive to succeed, while not quite yet having a headliner fan following yet. We are very thankful to have been the featured band for February!

You can pick up a copy of the February issue for free at one of the locations found here or you can purchase a copy here.

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